Don’t be scared …

Don’t be scared, you are on !

I’m just trying some new themes for this blog/website. I want to make it more readable, but also easier to search/scroll. I kinda like this “eos” theme, the “content” column is nice and large, quite good for my python pre formatted code snippets.

I also like the idea of a theme that would be like a “magazine”, short introductory material, some headlines & some “most viewed” links. I found one, but it sucks at keeping the formatting OK, …

2 thoughts on “Don’t be scared …”

  1. At least with Chrome I have problems with some of your basemap tutorials though. The code lines are too long and not shown. 🙁

  2. OH, I didn’t know ! I’m going to test that asap !

    Until then, you can click the small icon “copy to clipboard” on the code snippets…

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