Relief Maps in Google Earth

Ok, this must be many years old, but I found it today, so let’s call it a Discovery. The following link gives you the ability to download a network-linked colour-coded relief overlay from Maps-For-Free, but directly in Google Earth. I love it ! Link: Maps-For-Free Relief


I’m 30…

24 September 1983. I’m born. Since then, damn, already 30 years… I’m not going to talk about my life, it’s not even interesting to myself. I’d rather give a brief history of the IT background I’ve learnt during the last 21-something years. It all started when I was 9, in the primary school classroom where…


Old 16bit DOS programs on Windows 7 (x64)

We needed to execute an old-but-working 16bits program to locate earthquakes called “HypoEllipse” (source), but calling it from the Windows 7 x64 boxes resulted in a nice : Bam ! Not working, sorry for you… No ! I say No ! Some great guys developed “DosBOX”: a super emulator for old-but-working DOS applications ! All…

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