Matplotlib Basemap: Tell me what you need !

Dear visitors,

I’m always searching new ideas of preparing new tutorials for things doable with Basemap, but I’d like these examples to be as useful as possible, which means :

If you have something you would like to appear here, please, use the Comment box below to tell me ! I’ll do my best to provide a working example asap !



16 thoughts on “Matplotlib Basemap: Tell me what you need !”

  1. Dear Thomas,
    I’m using Basemap to plot great circle paths. Basemap has a function to plot great circles between two given points, but I needed to draw a great circle that passes through a givem point whit a given azimuth (like trak1 matllab function). Do you know It is possible to do that with Basemap?
    Best regards,
    Ricardo Gama

  2. Dear Ricardo,

    I think it is possible… I’ll have some time this weekend or beginning of next week to try to prepare some code for doing that ! I’ll keep you informed !


  3. Hi there, it’s me again, this time with a challenge, I think. 😉
    I would like to plot Mars MOLA maps with basemap and I heard that one can add shape files to the baseman object so that one could for example create a function baseman.draw_canyons() if one would have a shape file for the Martian canyons.
    If you would throw together a little tutorial for that, it would be awesome, and certainly worth a beer or two in case we ever meet! 😉
    Best regards,

  4. Hi,
    Can one color each country in the world differently (according to some property, say, population, corruption, etc)?
    Thanks and regards,

  5. Hi,
    Is it possible to take a google map and the plot on it with basemap ?
    Basemap has a limited set of standard maps. It would be nice if google maps could be used to complement the stabdard maps.
    Thanks very much.

  6. Hi,

    Well, actually, not that I know. This being said, you can look at your Temp/ folder when crawling the google maps website and see the images slices/boxes that are downloaded form gmap.

    If you want just another DEM at the back + some interesting shapes on it, you might want to try to use gadm maps, or Natural Earth dataset… I’m going to prepare a new tutorial with the latter soon…


  7. Hi Thomas,
    If I was to add to the wishlist it would be to expand readshapefile to be able to work with UTM cordinates, and general added suport for UTM projections based on different zones and datum’s
    Thanks for you work

  8. Hi Thomas,
    As Raj, I’m looking for a way to fill each country with a specific color. Do you know of a way to do it?
    The idea is that, if I have a table (or list) with a given value for each country, paint each country with a color related to the value on this table. Maybe passing the countries as polygons from a shapefile and them filling those polygons?

    Thanks in advance, great site you have here!

  9. Thanks Thomas
    an example on how to read in a projected shapefile that has been produced in one UTM datum convert it and plot it with another datum would be really useful.

  10. Marcelo :

    It’s fairly easy, starting on the example (see the Gallery) about Italy, all you have to do is to compare some property in your shape, say “ZIP”, with a dictionary containing your population data values {‘ZIP1′:4000,’ZIP2’:10200,…}, and color it accordingly. I’ve added the resquest to the wish-list of tutorials, will try to provide it quickly…

  11. Hi Thomas,

    I am struggling trying to find a way to use basemap with UTM grid and data. Plotting the DEM (UTM ascii grid) and add points (in UTM coord) to it seems to be quite difficult to me. I would really appreciate if you would tell us about how to do it.

    Thanks for your help


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