foxbox python

Emails to SMS on a FoxBox

Our Belgian Earthquake Emergency Report System (BEERS) detects abnormal visitor fluxes on the website and sends emails & SMS whenever some threshold is met. Recently, we have upgraded our sms machinery to FoxBox and for some weird reasons, the whole did not behave normally. The process is simple : Detection → Send Email to sms…


Earthworm statmgr replacement

At ROB, we don’t use Earthworm (ew) for real time acquisition or monitoring, but we have installed it on our computer at the Kawah Ijen observatory in order to group all seismic fluxes on a single machine, and thus a single archive. Sometimes, for random reasons, some ew modules fail and crash and are marked…


Playing with PICs – The beginning

Well, usually, “The Beginning” tends to come after some trilogy, but, eh!, who cares ! I’ve been playing with Microchip PICs for quite a number of years, mostly with small-and-somehow-useless blink-a-led projects. Now, I’ve got a project I want to develop! I’ll explain the ultimate goal in the next tutorials, but today, I’ll focus on…


Shaded Relief Map in Python

Today, we’ll combine different cool stuff: cartopy, Google Maps tiles, SRTM elevation data and shaded relief maps ! We will need cartopy (+ dependencies), which you can install from source, or from C. Gohlke’s prebuilt binaries for Windows users. The first map we create will simply show a 1 degree-square zone including Sudelfeld (where I…


Relief Maps in Google Earth

Ok, this must be many years old, but I found it today, so let’s call it a Discovery. The following link gives you the ability to download a network-linked colour-coded relief overlay from Maps-For-Free, but directly in Google Earth. I love it ! Link: Maps-For-Free Relief